Leading Know-How and Guidance for Women Entrepreneurs wanting
to SHINE in Life & in Business

In order to SHINE you need to be;
Confident, Happy, Focused, in your Power and On Track

Anything else is just '50 Shades of Dull'!

...if you find yourself struggling, stuck or foggy about your next move or simply had success but now want more, then I’m here to give you the roadmap

9 out of 10 women stay hidden, afraid of what will happen if they dared to be successful…don’t deny yourself the chance to SHINE!

"To SHINE in business you Must have the Right Mindset, the Right Marketing and the Right Business Strategies"

Otherwise it just won’t work…Alexandra is the UK’s leading coach and mentor for female small business owners and her expertise can give you...

The 3 Essential Elements:

1. The Marketing Know-How: You’ll need to know how marketing really works, what you should be doing daily and what you need to STOP doing right now.

2. The Business Know-How: What business models and strategies to use and which to ditch. Proven ways to increase your income and grow your business easily.

3. The Mindset Wow! It all starts and ends in the mind, your beliefs and thoughts are either creating a dream or killing one off. Plus there’s the matter of taming that inner critic who keeps you small and hiding away. Alexandra is second to none at giving you the tools to crack your fears, phobias and give you the confidence you need to build a great life.

No-one person in the UK has the ability to train you on all 3 of these business and life changing keys to success, except Alexandra.

‘Alexandra is the leading mentor in UK helping hundreds of women each year get to grips with their businesses turning them around and changing their lives forever!?/em>

Alexandra helps creates what she calls ‘Diamond Businesses?which are ones that Stand Out and SHINE!

This is so important today when 80% of women business owners fail and struggle year after year purely because they don’t have a BLUEPRINT of how to be confident and successful…that is until now!

Ask yourself these two questions:

‘Am I prepared to accept another year of doubt, procrastination and frustration??/em>

‘Do I want a ‘dull?business or a ‘DIAMOND?business??/em>

Here’s a thought... perhaps you need to get into Action... Inspired Action? Getting the tools and guidance that can create a thriving business for yourself... then here’s how to get the help you need:

You CAN have a DIAMOND business and ditch the dull one once and for all, CHOOSE how you would like to start…


“It's about the woman Alexandra helps you become, the confidence and success she teaches you to own and the way in which that subsequently effects your life, your business and the world.”

It's time to let an inspiring guide show you how

In the last 16 years Alexandra has gone from an unfulfilled business owner to Leading Happiness Coach and Success Mentor, sought after Speaker and Best-Selling Author. Making appearances on The X Factor, Good Housekeeping, BBC TV and Radio both nationally and worldwide she has been widely featured in major newspapers, radio shows and magazines. Also Alexandra was recently named a Top 20 Exceptional Business Icon.

So whether you're a new business owner or have been in business for years, you're about to learn inspiring strategies and mindset secrets from the woman John Gray author of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus claims will; 'Take you on a journey to the centre of your soul'.

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Exceptional People Magazine's
Top 20 Business Icon 2011

With Alexandra you get a Supercoach, a business expert and a marketing queen all in one! Quite a unique and highly powerful combination!